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CO Sheriff Calls Out Obama After Political Grandstanding In Denver Read more: http://freedomoutpost.com/2013/04/shayne-heap-co-sheriff-calls-out-obama-after-political-grandstanding-in-denver/#ixzz2PeK6Diao

CO Sheriff Calls Out Obama After Political Grandstanding In Denver

shayne heap

Barack Obama visited Denver, Colorado to push his sweeping attack on the Constitution and the Second Amendment (also known as gun control legislation) on Wednesday. While he used several policeman as a backdrop, not one of Colorado’s sheriffs were included in the event, not that they would have wanted to be given their statement contrary to Obama’s policies. But it was more than that. Sheriffs from 62 counties were kept out of the event because they oppose the Marxist-in-chiefs attacks on the Constitution. However, there would not be silence on the part of one sheriff. So listen as Elbert County Colorado Sheriff Shayne Heap responds to Obama’s comments.

He said that he was saddened that it took the event at Newtown to wake people up to the issue of violence in the nation, but even more than that he said that he regrets “that these tragic events have only served to be a launching point for political agendas and grand standing.”

Instead of attacking guns, the sheriff rightly says, “More intense discussion should be about why more people are acting out so violently and using any kind of instrument they can find, even if it’s driving a car into a Wal-mart or attacking innocent people with a club.”

Sheriff Heap points out the difference between urban and rural law enforcement and demonstrates that this is the reason for having “local law enforcement.” Obviously these two areas have completely different needs when it comes to how the issue of violence is dealt with.

“The source of frustration, and in some cases the passionate speaking out of our fellow sheriffs is because of the extreme measures of our state legislature,” he said. “To make laws that are constitutionally questionable and punitive to law abiding citizens, who’ve done nothing wrong, borders on legislative abuse.”

“We believe in keeping guns out of the hands of violent criminals, but we believe it can be done without stripping the rights of law abiding citizens,” Heap added.

He also pointed out that Obama had flown in from Washington, D. C., which has the highest murder rate per capita and “wants to tell Colorado what to do.”

“We are frustrated with this kind of political hypocrisy,” Heap said in disgust. “Mr. Obama has fought vehemently for the right to use drone strikes in foreign countries without cumbersome bureaucratic oversight. We applaud his tactic of addressing the source of terrorism and violence through these tactics. However, his domestic policy has been to ‘carpet bomb’ law abiding citizens with excessive restrictions. He continues to fail in addressing the violence in our society, which operates outside the law and outside his broad legislative attack on Constitutional rights.”

Now I disagree with the issue of drone strikes. While they are useful where we have declared war, using them to kill innocent people is wrong and there is enough evidence to demonstrate that this administration has engaged in the murder of innocents abroad in countries we are not at war with. However, his point is well taken about the obvious lack of concern for what is truly taking place in our society.

The Sheriff points out that while Obama has spent billions and countless American lives to defend our borders, according to Sheriff Heap, they “remain porous.” Barack Obama has yet to secure our borders and continues to supply the enemies of the U.S. with weapons via Fast and Furious to Mexican drug cartels who are killing Border Patrol Agents and have been operating inside our borders for years, aiding the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, al-Qaeda in Libya and Syria and a host other countries.

The Sheriff says that Obama has spent billions to protect children in other countries, but hasn’t spent one dime to provide officers for children in American schools. My position has always been that he shouldn’t be spending that money abroad or here for that “security.” It is simply more big government. I do want to know when Americans are going to stand up and tell the Federal government that they are not asking to exercise their rights in education and the Second Amendment in the public schools, but rather are simply going to start holding those who want to impose on those rights accountable for their infringement upon the Constitution and thus upon them.

In talking about Obama coming and joining the “extreme” legislature of Colorado to push their agenda, Sheriff Heap says that Obama is “part of the choir that leverages tragedy to enact extreme legislation which ignores the root problem of violence and anger in our country.”

To make his point, he cites the fact that if the new gun legislation being proposed would have been in effect in Newtown, it wouldn’t have stopped what happened, because the shooter used someone else’s “legally purchased guns.”

Then making an obvious reference to political history, Sheriff Heap said, “The long term ineffectiveness of Mr. Obama’s actions and political showmanship only lacked a flight suit, aircraft carrier, and a sign proclaiming ‘mission accomplished.’”

He then turned to the state legislature and said that their political hypocrisy was no different than Obama’s. He pointed out that at the same time the extremists in the Colorado State House were trying to eliminate the Second Amendment rights of honest, law abiding citizens, they were also seeking to eliminate the death penalty and this was taking place as the prosecutor begins his case in the Aurora shooting involving alleged shooter James Holmes.

“It is fundamentally wrong to be increasing restrictions on those who have committed no crime, while easing the punishment for one of the most vicious killers in recent history,” Heap said. In stating this, he then pointed out that those seeking to put such legislation in place are not out for the long term best of their constituents, but rather were out to push their social agendas.

“We cannot stop criminals by punishing the 99.9 percent of honest people,” he continued. “While it is politically expedient, it’s tactically ineffective.”

Instead of calling for politicians, heap said that we need statesmen who will address the real problems in our land with wisdom. He also said that as a first responder, he and others like him want to prevent violent crimes, but they realize that punishing law abiding citizens with restrictions will not do that. “We want enforceable laws that address the criminals and not innocent citizens.”

“We should not rest until we have addressed this culture of violence, rather than the instruments they choose to use,” Heap declared. “It is time we get real with the problems in our state and in our nation.”

Sheriff Heap then closed by pleading for “statesmen, who have the courage to take the lead in dispelling the political divisions driven by our own leaders for their political advancement. We want the violence to stop, not just left unaddressed so we can find a new instrument of death – when the guns are all gone.”

Well said Sheriff Heap! I admire the courage to go on camera and address Obama in this manner, to call out what he is doing and has been doing and to take on those politicians who seek to push their agendas rather than govern righteously and protect the liberties of the people. Indeed, someone will have to address the things Heap calls for, but the only ones who are able to do so with real wisdom are those who actually believe that God has spoken about how men should be governed and how they are to treat one another as those made in His image. That will only take place as men are obedient to Him.

Read more: http://freedomoutpost.com/2013/04/shayne-heap-co-sheriff-calls-out-obama-after-political-grandstanding-in-denver/#ixzz2PeJU4yRm

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