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Another Trillion Video

Blog posts July 2012

We Were Campaigning

While walking down the street one day a Corrupt Senator(that may be redundant) was tragically hit by a car and died.

His soul arrives in heaven and is met by St. Peter at the entrance.

"Welcome to heaven," says St.. Peter. "Before you settle in, it seems there is a problem. We seldom see…

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83 and Tired !!!!!!!

Bill Cosby "I'm 83 and Tired"

                          This should be required …

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A Letter to Pelosi

Letter to Pelosi Wow!!!

Boy! this guy is really torked!!!

FYI, This has been checked via Snopes, who contacted Mr. Guthrie, who
confirmed he did indeed write & send this letter to Ms. Pelosi…this is one
brave patriotic Ame…

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A Letter from Patty Myers


Read this through, I think many of you will find it interesting.
You may even stand and clap your hands, at the end !

Rough language but she really makes her point clear!
I don't think pissed really covers it!!!!!!!!!!!

Alan Simpson…

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Things Embarassing to America

USA #1? 40 Embarrassing Things That America Is The Best In The World At

Is the USA still #1?  Well, there are many things that America is still the best in the world at, but unfortunately a lot of those categories are nothing to be proud of.  Once upon a ti…

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The National Debt and Federal Budget Deficit Deconstructed - Tony Robbins

What is Happening to the USA

This is a very concise, clear explanation of what is happening to the USA. Please read it, think about it, take it seriously and pass it on.

 "One of the penalties of not participating in politics is that you will be governed by your inferiors." Plato

I think this is one of the best emails …

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